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* Dr. Albert Melo - General Director of the Electric Energy Research Center (Eletrobras-CEPEL).

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Session A1 - Voltage Control (Monday 8:30h-10:15h)
Paper#1: Secondary and Tertiary Voltage Regulation Based on Optimal Power Flows
Authors: Bo Hu; Canizares, C. A.; Liu, M.
Country: Canada

Paper#42: Development of a Voltage Management System for a test system in Korea
Authors: Nam, S.; Lee, J.; Shin, J.; Baek, S.; Kim, T.
Country: Korea, Republic of

Paper#46: An Integrated Autonomous Protection System Against Voltage Instability Based on Load Tap Changers
Authors: Vournas, C.; Lambrou, C.; Glavic, M.; Van Cutsem, T.
Country: Greece

Paper#81: Power System Stability Increase by Secondary Voltage Regulation Applied to the South Africa Transmission Grid
Authors: Corsi, S.; De Villiers, F.; Vajeth, R.
Country: Italy

Paper#117: Wind Farm Reactive Support and Voltage Control
Authors: Opila, D.; Zeynu, A.; Hiskens, I.
Country: USA

Session A2 - State Estimation and Congestion Management (Monday 10:30h-12:15h)
Paper#11: Network-Driven Dynamic Congestion Based on Mutually Orthogonal LMP Decomposition
Authors: Lin, J.; Cheverez-Gonzalez, D.
Country: United States

Paper#30: Real-Time Monitoring of Distributed Generation through State Estimation and Geometrically-Based Tests
Authors: Souza, A.; Lourenço, E. M.; Simões Costa, A.
Country: Brazil

Paper#56: Power System State and Topology Coestimation
Authors: Vosgerau, F.; Simões Costa, A.; Clements, K. A.; Lourenço, E. M.
Country: Brazil

Paper#58: Bad Data Analysis Using the Composed Measurements Errors for Power System State Estimation
Authors: Bretas, N. G.; Bretas, A. S.
Country: Brazil

Paper#63: Applicability of Coordinated Power Flow Control based on Multi-Agent Systems
Authors: Häger, U.; Seack, A.; Rehtanz, C.; Lehnhoff, S.; Zimmermann, T.; Wedde, H. F.
Country: Germany

Session A3 - Planning (Monday 14:30h-16:00h)
Paper#66: Probabilistic Resource Planning With Explicit Reliability Considerations
Authors: Zhao, F.; Litvinov, E.; Negrete-Pincetic, M.; Gross, G.
Country: United States

Paper#113: Integrating Short and Long-Term Energy Expansion Planning Tools for more Resilient Mid-Term Energy Plans for the Brazilian Interconnected System
Authors: Marzano, L. G. B.; Maceira, M. E. P.; Justino, T. C.; Melo, A. G. C.; Lisboa, M. L. V.; Duarte, V. S.; Saboia, C. H.; Penna, D. D. J.
Country: Brazil

Paper#116: Vision for a Smart Transmission Grid
Authors: Tholomier, D.; Jones, L.
Country: Canada

Session A4 - Wind Energy (Monday 16:15h-18:00h)
Paper#4: Probabilistic Wind Energy Modeling for Electric Generation System Reliability Assessment
Authors: Koval, D. O.; Zhang, Y.; Chowdhury, A. A.
Country: Canada

Paper#62: Using Genetic Algorithm to Obtain Optimal Controllers for the DFIG Converters to Enhance Power System Operational Security
Authors: Vieira, J. P. A.; Nunes, M. V. A.; Bezerra, U. H.
Country: Brazil

Paper#64: Data Mining Techniques for Very Short Term Prediction of Wind Power
Authors: Vargas, L.; Paredes, G.; Bustos, G.
Country: Chile

Paper#91: On the Assessment of Voltage Ride-Through Needs of the Power Transmission Grid
Authors: Souza, L. F. W.; Assis, T. M. L.; Visconti, I. F.
Country: Brazil

Paper#120: Reactive Power Control of Direct Drive Synchronous Wind Generators to Enhance the Low Voltage Ride-Through Capability
Authors: Lopes, A. C.; Nascimento, A. C.; Vieira, J. P. A.; Nunes, M. V. A.; Bezerra, U. H.
Country: Brazil

Session B1 - Substation Automation and Energy Storage (Tuesday 8:30h-10:15h)
Paper#3: Coordination of Intermittent Renewable Generation with Storage, Demand Control and Conventional Energy Sources
Authors: Hug-Glanzmann, G.
Country: United States

Paper#38: Energy Storage Simulation Tool for Power Systems
Authors: Mount, T. D.; Zimmerman, R. D.; Lamadrid, A. J.
Country: United States

Paper#52: Frequency Response and Dynamic Power Balancing in Wind and Solar Generation
Authors: Mukherjee, S.; Teleke, S.; Ashrafi, F.; Bandaru, V.; Salazar, A.
Country: United States

Paper#74: The 21st Century Substation Design: Vision of the Future
Authors: Kezunovic, M.; Guan, Y.; Guo, C.; Ghavami, M.
Country: United States

Paper#101: System-Awareness for Agent-based Power System Control
Authors: Heussen, K.; Saleem, A.; Lind, M.
Country: Denmark

Session B2 - Security (Tuesday 10:30h-12:15h)
Paper#24: An Innovative Special Protection System involving long distance actions
Authors: Gomes, P.; Sardinha, S.; Magalhães, R. P.; Martins, S.
Country: Brazil

Paper#32: Power System Security by Corrective Switching
Authors: Medeiros Jr, M. F.; Oliveira, A. V. C.
Country: Brazil

Paper#45: Consequence Driven Decomposition of Large-Scale Power System Security Analysis
Authors: Fonteneau-Belmudes, F.; Ernst, D.; Druet, C.; Panciatici, P.; Wehenkel, L.
Country: Belgium

Paper#61: Security Management under Uncertainty: from Day-Ahead Planning to Intraday Operation
Authors: Panciatici, P.; Hassaine, Y.; Fliscounakis, S.; Platbrood, L.; Ortega-Vazquez, M.; Martinez-Ramos, J.L.; Wehenkel, L.
Country: France

Paper#70: Generator Ranking Index
Authors: Alhasawi, F. B.; Milanovic, J. V.
Country: United Kingdom

Session B3 - Transient Stability and Time Simulation (Tuesday 14:30h-16:00h)
Paper#8: A New Method for Direct Computation of Critical Clearing Time for Transient Stability Analysis
Authors: Yorino, N.; Priyadi, A.; Sasaki, Y.; Zoka, Y.; Sugihara, H.
Country: Japan

Paper#39: Localization and Latency Concepts Applied to Time Simulation of Large Power Systems
Authors: Fabozzi, D.; Van Cutsem, T.
Country: Belgium

Paper#99: A Software Tool for the Determination of Dynamic Equivalents of Power Systems
Authors: Almeida, A. B.; Reginatto, R.; Silva, R. J. G. C.
Country: Brazil

Session B4 - Voltage Stability (Tuesday 16:15h-18:00h)
Paper#2: A Probabilistic Distance to the Power System Secure Operation Boundary
Authors: Perninge, M.; Söder, L.
Country: Sweden

Paper#41: Application of Multi-linear Regression Models and Machine Learning Techniques for Online Voltage Stability Margin Estimation
Authors: Leonardi, B.; Ajjarapu, V.; Djukanovic, M.; Zhang, P.
Country: United States

Paper#108: Effects of Variable Solar Irradiance on the Reactive Power Compensation for Large Solar Farm
Authors: Howard, D. F.; Harley, R. G.; Liang, J.; Venayagamoorthy, G. K.
Country: United States

Paper#109: Improving System Loading Capacity using Margin Sensitivity and Continuation
Authors: Simfukwe, D.; Pal, B. C.
Country: United Kingdom

Paper#119: Coordination of Voltage Control in a Power System Operated by Multiple Transmission Utilities
Authors: Phulpin, Y.; Begovic, M.; Ernst, D.
Country: France

Session C1 - Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Wedneday 8:30h-10:15h)
Paper#17: Automatic Generation Control Operation with Electric Vehicles
Authors: Rocha Almeida, P. M.; Peças Lopes, J. A.; Soares, F. J.; Vasconcelos, M. H.
Country: Portugal

Paper#69: Prediction of Voltage Stability Index in a Power System with Plug-in Electric Vehicles
Authors: Makasa, K. J.; Venayagamoorthy, G. K.
Country: United States

Paper#79: The Integration of PHEV Aggregations into a Power System with Wind Resources
Authors: Guille, C.; Gross, G.
Country: United States

Paper#83: General Frequency Control with Aggregated Control Reserve Capacity from Time-Varying Sources: The Case of PHEVs
Authors: Ulbig, A.; Galus, M. D.; Chatzivasileiadis, S.; Andersson, G.
Country: Switzerland

Session C2 - Small-Signal Stability (Wednesday 10:30h-12:15h)
Paper#9: Parallel Genetic Algorithm to Tune Multiple Power System Stabilizers in Large Interconnected Power Systems
Authors: Bomfim, A. L. B.; Taranto, G. N.; Falcão, D. M.; Escalante, S. L.
Country: Brazil

Paper#16: Analyzing the Effect of the Type of Terminal Voltage Feedback on the Small Signal Dynamic Performance of Synchronous Generators
Authors: Salim, R. H.; Ramos, R. A.
Country: Brazil

Paper#72: Dynamic Stability and Control Design of Future Electric Energy Systems with Large Penetration of Distributed Generators
Authors: Nazari, M. H.; Ilic, M.; Lopes, P.
Country: Portugal

Paper#75: A Tuning Method of PSSs for Distributed Synchronous Generators Performing a Trade-off Between Voltage Performance and Oscillation Damping Enhancement
Authors: Kuiava, R.; Ramos, R. A.; Rodrigues, C. R.; Bretas, N. G.
Country: Brazil

Paper#114: Proposal of a New Field Test in Power Plants for Improved PSS Tuning: Preliminary Simulations
Authors: Martins, N.; Bossa, T. H. S.; Pellanda, P. C.; Silva, R. J. G. C.
Country: Brazil

Session D1 - Markets and Unit Commitment (Thursday 8:30h-10:15h)
Paper#12: Revenue Adequacy, Shortfall Allocation and Transmission Performance Incentives in FTR/FGR Markets
Authors: Oren, S. S.; Hedman, K. W.
Country: United States

Paper#77: Resource-Adequacy-Based Capacity Market Design
Authors: Negrete-Pincetic, M.; Gross, G.
Country: United States

Paper#87: Coordination of Day-Ahead Scheduling with a Stochastic Weekly Unit Commitment for the Efficient Scheduling of Slow-Start Thermal Units
Authors: Biskas, P. N.; Baslis, C. G.; Simoglou, C. K.; Bakirtzis, A. G.
Country: Greece

Paper#93: Quantifying the Variable Effects of Systems with Demand Response Resources
Authors: Kowli, A.; Gross, G.
Country: United States

Paper#94: Dual Maximization Methods for Lagrangian Relaxation-Based SCUC
Authors: Pinto, H.; Magnago, F.; Worhach, P.
Country: United States

Session D2 - PMU Applications (Thursday 10:30h-12:15h)
Paper#31: Analysis of Power System Oscillations for Developing Synchrophasor Data Applications
Authors: Vanfretti, L.; Chow, J. H.
Country: United States

Paper#76: New Angles for Monitoring Areas
Authors: Dobson, I.
Country: United States

Paper#106: Wide-Area Monitoring and Control Algorithms for Large Power Systems using Synchrophasors
Authors: Liu, X.; Liu, G.; Sherwood, M.; Venkatasubramanian, V.
Country: United States

Paper#107: Wide Area Dynamic Monitoring and Stability Controls
Authors: Meliopoulos, S.; Cokkinides, G.; Huang, R.; Farantatos, E.; Choi, S.; Lee, Y.
Country: United States

Paper#112: Monitoring of a Large Scale Event in the Brazilian Power System by WAMS
Authors: Decker, I. C.; Silva, A. S.; Agostini, M. N.; Prioste, F. B.; Dotta, D.
Country: Brazil

Session D3 - Controlled Islanding (Thursday 14:30h-16:00h)
Paper#48: Mitigation of Cascading Failures by Real-Time Controlled Islanding and Graceful Load Shedding
Authors: Koch, S.; Chatzivasileiadis, S.; Vrakopoulou, M.; Andersson, G.
Country: Switzerland

Paper#60: An Investigation of Controlled Power System Separation of the Uruguayan Network
Authors: Sena, C.; Taranto, G. N.; Giusto, A.
Country: Uruguay

Paper#67: Security Schemes of Power Systems against Blackouts
Authors: Moreno, R.; Ríos, M. A.; Torres, A.
Country: Colombia

Session E1 - Power Electronics and Distributed Generation (Friday 8:30h-10:15h)
Paper#47: Dynamic Modeling of Inverter-Based Distributed Generators with Voltage Positive Feedback Anti-Islanding Protection
Authors: Ricciardi, T. R.; Salles, D.; Freitas, W.; Wang, X.
Country: Brazil

Paper#59: Influence of Inverter-based Distributed Generator Interface Control on the Performance of Power Distribution Systems
Authors: Petean, D.; Vieira, J. C. M.; Machado, R. Q.
Country: Brazil

Paper#110: A Comparative Study of Dynamic Performance of HVDC System Based on Conventional VSC and MMC-VSC
Authors: Chuco, B.; Watanabe, E. H.
Country: Brazil

Paper#118: Power System Modal Analysis Considering Doubly-Fed Induction Generators
Authors: Pulgar-Painemal, H. A.; Sauer, P. W.
Country: USA

Session E2 - Measurement Latency and System Identification (Friday 10:30h-12:15h)
Paper#25: System Identification Techniques for Obtaining Linear Models of Large Power Systems with Controllable Devices from Noisy Measurements
Authors: Eriksson, R.; Söder, L.
Country: Sweden

Paper#26: Performance of Wavelet-Based Damping Estimation Method under Ambient Conditions of the Power System
Authors: Turunen, J.; Haarla, L.; Rauhala, T.
Country: Finland

Paper#29: Analysis of Data Quality Issues in Wide Area Monitoring and Control Systems
Authors: Zhu, K.; Chenine, M.; König, J.; Nordström, L.
Country: Sweden

Paper#50: Impact of Delays on a Consensus-Based Primary Frequency Control Scheme for AC Systems Connected by a Multi-Terminal HVDC Grid
Authors: Dai, J.; Phulpin, Y.; Sarlette, A.; Ernst, D.
Country: France

Paper#55: Damping of Local Mode Oscillations in a Power System by Delayed Feedback Control
Authors: Kucukefe, Y.; Kaypmaz, A.
Country: Turkey

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